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Managing Your Password

Some simple steps for password management

You can reset your password at any time provided you know your username (which is your Hy-Vee email address), so don't worry if you forget the password. Follow the below steps to generate a new temporary password.


Step 1

Go to the login page and click/tap on the "Forgotten my Password" link - right next to the login button. This should open a panel below the login form called "Reset My Password".


Step 2

Enter your Hy-Vee email address into the "Username" field in the Reset My Password panel, then click/tap the "Reset" button.


Step 3

Take it easy for a minute whilst the system generates a new password for you and sends it via email.


Step 4

When you receive the new password you can use this (and your username) to login with. The system will prompt you to create a permanent password upon successful login.



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